View from a wooded area into an open cultivated field full of bright sunshine some large green trees in the background
View from front porch of Debra An November Research Greenhouse with white landscaped walkway and view of woods and hills in background
White Barn Fall
View looking down onto white buildings with grey roofs, with green grass in foreground and expanse of wooded hills in background
Manor House View

The University Farm has a variety of sites available for teaching, research and recreation. The Farm is open for use by CWRU employees, students and alumni.

Aquatic Ecology Fall 2018

The spectacular natural surroundings provide inspiration for classes and serve as a setting for learning about nature, cultivation and the environment.

Farm Food Program Harvest
Farm Food Program

This program provides educational opportunities in sustainable, local food production, and also allows us to deliver fresh produce to the Case Western Reserve campus as well as local restaurants.