Other Farm Gifts


Photo of Debra Ann November

In Spring 2005, Mort and Iris November made a monetary gift for a new greenhouse at the University Farm in honor of their daughter, Debra Ann (1953-1977). Debra Ann worked summers as a camp counselor and had a deep love of children. According to the Novembers, "It was for the love of everyone, especially children, that we have established a legacy in her name to actively give for the betterment of children."

Construction on the Debra Ann November Research Greenhouse was finished in April, 2006. This facility has six separate rooms for research and teaching. A catwalk provides access to each room.

A dedication ceremony took place on June 4, 2006. Case students, faculty and researchers are now able to support their ongoing research in a modern, efficient "green" facility. Students that visit the farm for biology class visits benefit greatly from the new facility.