Picnic Area Usage Guidelines

CWRU Department/Center/NFP group Picnic 

The usage fee for Area #1 (the Pavilion) is $250 per site per day. Maximum: 100 persons. 

Private Family Picnic 

The usage fee for a private family picnic at Area #1 (the Pavilion) is $50. Maximum: 50 persons.

Picnic reservation guidelines 

  1. Picnic areas are open April 18 - October 8, 2022.
  2. Only University-recognized groups may use the picnic areas. Reservations can be made by CWRU staff, faculty, or alumni only. An individual affiliated with CWRU may reserve Picnic Area #1 for a private family group of up to 50 people, space permitted. $50 usage fee charged payable to Farm office prior to event. Corporate or business events are not permitted.
  3. Certain dates are considered unavailable for use. Those dates include scheduled university holidays and any day that immediately precedes or follows a holiday.
  4. Picnic areas open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. Groups must be cleaned up and groups departing at closing time.
  5. No overnight camping events permitted.
  6. Dogs must be leashed at all times. Please keep dogs out of ponds, streams, and restricted areas where signs are posted. See our dog policy for more information.
  7. Clean up after pets and dispose of waste in trash receptacles.
  8. Picnic Area #1 (the Pavilion) must be reserved in advance. Area #2 (the Pine Grove) can host up to 20 guests and is open on a first-come, first-served basis. Both areas have overhead coverings. 
  9. There is no electricity at the picnic areas.
  10. The posting of event signage is not permitted on Farm grounds, except next the picnic area in use and only during the event. Signage must be temporary, cause no damage to Farm property, and be removed at the end of the event.
  11. Charcoal grills are located at picnic areas. Personal grills or grilling/cooking equipment are not permitted on Farm property.
  12. No tents are permitted.
  13. No bonfires are permitted.
  14. No inflatables are permitted.
  15. Trash and recycling must be put in receptacles with the lids tightly closed. 
  16. CWRU staff and faculty hosts, please carry your CWRU ID card.
  17. Groups using the picnic areas are subject to general Farm policies and guidelines.
  18. Research areas and ponds are off limits to everyone.
  19. Portable toilet units are located at Area #1 (the Pavilion). Indoor toilets and showers are located in the Silo building near the Pink Pig. There are no toilet facilities at Area #1 (the Pine Grove).
  20. No live music bands or DJs are allowed. Music volume must be contained to your picnic area.
  21. Beer and wine are allowed at Picnic Area #1 for department and group events, and only when provided by and served by a CWRU-approved catered. Kegs are not allowed. Self-service is not permitted. Open containers must be disposed of prior to leaving property.
  22. New University Tobacco-free Policy: (effective July 1, 2017) All persons on CWRU property, regardless of their purpose (e.g., staff, faculty, students, patients, visitors, contractors, subcontractors, etc.), are prohibited from using tobacco products. "Tobacco" refers to any product containing tobacco in any existing and future form. "CWRU property" refers to all indoor and outdoor space owned, rented or leased by CWRU, including CWRU vehicles, parking areas, and private vehicles while they are on CWRU property. For more detail visit University Tobacco-free Policy.