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Undergraduate Studies in Biochemistry

The field of Biochemistry encompasses an extremely broad and ever-growing varity of topics, including the study of proteins and nucleic acids, control of gene expression, and the molecular basis for diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and AIDS. The Department of Biochemistry is a research-based department within the School of Medicine that offers undergraduate majors.

A Wide Range of Career Options

A degree in Biochemistry prepares students for a wide range of career choices, including biomedical research at universities or in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical or chemical industries. The Biochemistry major is also excellent preparation for medical school and graduate school in biomedical science.

If you've decided to become a Biochemistry major

Welcome to Biochemistry! We are one of the largest undergrad majors on campus (~7th largest at Case). Research is a key part of our major and there are many excellent research opportunities within our Department, School of Medicine, or the nearby hospitals Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and the VA: you will have around 200 labs to choose from (click here for more info about research, and when and how to find a research lab).

Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Hanson Summer Research Scholar Program provides support for undergraduates to be involved in biochemical research during the summer. Undergrad Summer Research Program >>

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry

The Biochemistry Department offers undergraduate programs leading to either the B.A. or B.S. degree. The main difference between the two programs is the greater emphasis on quantitative sciences in the B.S. program that includes additional mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Both curricula are rigorous and emphasize research experience. Required courses include a Departmental SAGES course which emphasizes analysis of the primary biochemical literature. The Senior Capstone in Biochemistry consists of thesis deciphering results from the student research experience.

For more information contact the program's coordinator Dr. David Samols.

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Dr. David Samols