Minor in Biochemistry

Required courses

Our minor in Biochemistry includes an introduction to fundamental topics in the field as well as additional courses in biomedical topics such as cancer biology, infectious diseases, metabolism, and drug discovery.  These biochemical studies help prepare students for a variety of careers in which biomedical knowledge is crucial, such as:  finance, consulting, media, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health care, intellectual property, and education.

For new students joining CWRU in fall 2023 or later, or returning students who choose to switch to the 2023-24 General Bulletin requirements, the Biochemistry minor requires the completion of five courses for a total of 15 credit hours.  (The previous minor requirements can be found in the 2021-22 General Bulletin.)


Biochemistry minor: 15 credits

Course Name Hours
BIOC 101 Frontiers in Biochemistry 1
BIOC 307 Introduction to Biochemistry 4
BIOC 308 Molecular Biology 4
2 BIOC core courses

2 of the following 3 courses

BIOC 312   Proteins and Enzymes

BIOC 334   Structural and Computational Biology

BIOC 350   Molecular Basis of Cancer