Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry


Our BA and BS programs in Biochemistry both provide a strong foundation in biomedical sciences.  Both programs prepare students well for postgraduate studies and careers in health sciences or research.  The two programs differ in their math, physics, and statistics course requirements and number of required technical elective courses.  Both programs include optional tracks in Cancer Biology, Infectious Disease, Metabolism, and Computational Health Science.

Biochemistry students are expected to participate in an undergraduate research project in one of the many laboratories at CWRU engaged in biochemical research.

Courses required for the Biochemistry BA

(These requirements were updated for the 2023-24 General Bulletin and listed below.  Students who are following a General Bulletin from an earlier year will have slightly different course requirements.  Sample plans of study are provided in our information page.) 

Biochemistry: 30-33 credits
Course Name Hours
BIOC 101 Frontiers in Biochemistry 1
BIOC 307 Introduction to Biochemistry 4
BIOC 308 Molecular Biology 4
BIOC 373 Biochemistry SAGES Seminar 3
BIOC 391 Research Project 3-6
BIOC 393 Senior Capstone Experience 3
2 BIOC core courses

2 of the following 3 courses:

BIOC 312    Proteins and Enzymes

BIOC 334    Structural and Computational Biology

BIOC 350    Molecular Basis of Cancer

2 approved technical electives

Please see list of approved courses

Biology: 8 credits
Course Name Hours
BIOL 214, 214L Genes, Evolution and Ecology (lecture & lab) 4
BIOL 215, 215L Cells and Proteins (lecture & lab) 4
Chemistry: 18 credits
Course Name Hours

CHEM 105

(or CHEM 111)

Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHEM 106 (or ENGR 145) Principles of Chemistry II 3
CHEM 113 Principles of Chemistry Lab 2
CHEM 223 (or CHEM 323) Introductory Organic Chemistry I 3
CHEM 224 (or CHEM 324) Introductory Organic Chemistry II 3
CHEM 233 Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab I 2
CHEM 234 Introductory Organic Chemistry Lab II 2
Mathematics: 8 credits
Course Name Hours
MATH 125 (or MATH 121) Math and Calculus Applications for Life ... Sciences I 4
MATH 126 (or MATH 122/124) Math and Calculus Applications for Life ... Sciences II 4
Physics: 8 credits
Course Name Hours
PHYS 115 (or PHYS 121) Introductory Physics I (lecture & lab) 4
PHYS 116 (or PHYS 122) Introductory Physics II (lecture & lab) 4
Statistics: 3 credits; choose 1
Course Name Hours
STAT 201

Basic Statistics for Social and Life Sciences 

or STAT 312 Basic Statistics for Engineering and Science 3
or STAT 312R Basis Statistics for Engineering and Science Using R 3
or STAT 313 Statistics for Experimenters 3
Computer Science:  3 credits; choose 1
Course Name Hours
ENGR 131

Elementary Computer Programming

or CSDS 132 Programming in Java 3