Biochemistry Major: Optional Tracks


Students who are following the Biochemistry BA or BS curriculum in a General Bulletin from 2023-24 or later may choose among 4 optional tracks (Cancer Biology, Infectious Disease, Metabolism, or Computational Health Science) or apply for the Research Honors  track. 

Students can complete one or more optional tracks by choosing their Biochemistry core and technical electives courses to include the required courses listed below.


Cancer Biology

Course Name Hours
BIOC 350 Molecular Basis of Cancer 3
BIOC 353 Biochemical Pathways in Cancer Therapeutics 3
BIOC 360 Advanced Technologies for Cancer Research 3


Infectious Disease

Course Name Hours
BIOC 310 Microbial Physiology and Therapeutic Opportunities 3
BIOC 311 Antimicrobial Therapies and Resistance 3
BIOC 334 Structural and Computational Biology 3



Course Name Hours
BIOC 312 Proteins and Enzymes 3
  2 of the 3 courses below 6
BIOC 315 Biological Membranes and Their Proteins (3)  
BIOC 344 Molecular Endocrinology (3)  
BIOC 345 Metabolic Dysregulation and Human Disease (3)  

Computational Health Science

(Requires permission of the Biochemistry undergraduate program director)

Course Name Hours
BIOC 334 Structural and Computational Biology 3
PQHS 431 Statistical Methods I 3
PQHS 457 Current Issues in Genetic Epidemiology: Design and Analysis of Sequencing Studies



Research Honors

(Students apply in early spring of freshman year)

Course Name Hours
BIOC 285 Honors Readings in Biochemistry 1
BIOC 391 Research Project 6
BIOC 393H (instead of BIOC 393) Biochemistry Honors Senior Capstone 3