Research Honors Track for Biochemistry Majors

The Biochemistry department is pleased to announce the Biochemistry Research Honors Track for exceptional freshmen. This is separate from existing distinctions given at graduation (i.e., our University’s Latin honors and our departmental GPA- and publication-based prizes). Highly motivated students will receive resources to enhance their research experience including individual mentoring by a Biochemistry faculty member, a yearly research allowance, and honors-track specific activities. 


Candidates apply as freshmen and the track starts in the sophomore year. Selected top candidates (5 each year) will experience an exclusive early immersion into Biochemistry and receive a yearly $2,000 allowance to support research activities (for participation in scientific conferences, a stipend for summer research, or other approved expenses).

Biochemistry Immersion

  • Each student will have the unique opportunity for weekly one-on-one meetings with a faculty member to discuss impactful biochemistry literature during their sophomore fall semester (BIOC 285, Readings in Biochemistry, 1 credit, Pass/No Pass).
  • Mentoring is expected to continue during the subsequent semesters and could include guidance for identifying a research laboratory home and career planning. 
  • Each year, students will enjoy a group lunch with the Chair, Dr. Alan Diehl. 
  • Each year’s five students and their honors-track mentors will meet for a lunch retreat.  
  • Students will graduate with an enhanced Honors Capstone to reflect their enriched research experience and accomplishments (BIOC 393H, 3 credits). 
  • Students will submit the usual capstone paper and develop additional scientific writing skills. They will also give a highlighted research presentation at the retreat for graduating seniors.

Continuation Requirements

  • Honors Track students must be engaged in research by the sophomore spring semester (earlier is advised) and continue until graduation (as a volunteer or for course credit). 
  • Students must maintain a high academic performance (GPA in the top thirty percent of Biochemistry majors).
  • Honors Track students are strongly encouraged to spend at least one summer doing full-time laboratory research. 

How To Apply

Please email applications before February 16th (new deadline) to with the subject line "Biochemistry Research Honors Track Application".

Your application should consist of:

  • a two-page statement describing your education and career goals, and your motivation for applying to the Biochemistry Honors Research Track;
  • an unofficial copy of your CWRU transcript
  • a one- to two-page resume that summarizes your extracurricular activities, laboratory/research experience, and work history, and provides names and contact information for at least one faculty reference (can be instructor or research mentor).

Students will be selected by March 1st. Students must declare Biochemistry as their major and accept by March 31st for entry into the Biochemistry Research Honors Track in the Fall semester of their sophomore year. 

Please email any questions to with the subject line "Biochemistry Research Honors Track Question".