Dual-Degree Programs

Image of lab professional with safty glasses, surgical mask, white lab coat and white latex gloves, analysing  a clear test tube with a clear liquid, with test tubes in a rack, some upside down, in front of her.  There is another lab professional dressed similarly in the background and a microscope in the midground to the left.
MD/MS Biomedical Investigation in Nutrition

The goal of the joint MD/ Masters of Science in Biomedical Investigation program at the School of Medicine is to train medical students in basic or clinical research approaches so that the physician graduate may conduct research to advance health.

Image of midline view of medical professional with white lab coat and stethescope holding a red heart in his or her hands
Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Nutrition

This is a dual degree program that is offered jointly by the Departments of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and Nutrition.