Safety, Security and Emergencies

Responsible Official: Executive Director of Public Safety

Responsible University Office: Division of Public Safety

Related legislation and University policies: Student Code of Conduct, Staff & Faculty Codes of Conduct, attached procedures (see links).

Review Period: Yearly

Date of Last Review: 9/15/21

Relates to: Faculty, Staff, Students

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to outline expectations and highlight policies relating to campus safety and security.

Policy: All community members should assume responsibility for ensuring safety and security within university facilities. Violation of the Safety/Security policy includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Violation of the university’s policies on weapons/bringing prohibited items on campus.
  2. Any acts of violence or threats of violence to students, staff, faculty or visitors to the CWRU campus.
  3. Creating an unsafe situation
  4. Contributing to or participating in the unauthorized entry of individual(s) into a student room or building facility, including dining facilities, by transferring or duplicating a key or ID card
  5. Tampering with university protective systems such as CCTV cameras, fire alarms or other devices.
  6. Leaving a door or window propped open or removing building window screens.
  7. Propelling any object out of or towards a building or at an individual without specific permission from the university
  8. Climbing into or out of windows or going on the roof areas of a facility without university authorization
  9. Inappropriate use of elevators or knowingly disrupting elevator use, (e.g., "elevator surfing")

The following procedures offer more information regarding specific safety, security, and emergency situations such as missing persons, safety procedures for severe weather and other events, and hosting special events requiring security on CWRU property.