Trespassing Policy

Responsible Official: Executive Director of Public Safety

Responsible University Office: Division of Public Safety

Related legislation and University policies: Trespassing laws and ordinances in state of Ohio and the City of Cleveland, university policy.

Review Period: Yearly for inclusion in the Annual Security Report

Date of Last Review: 9/15/21 Relates to: Faculty, Staff, Students & visitors to campus.

Purpose: To outline university policy regarding controlled access to university owned property and buildings


  • Trespassing: To enter an owner's land or property without permission.

Policy: During normal business hours, some university buildings are open to the public. After business hours, all campus facilities are secured on the schedule set by the university administration and will require key or CWRU ID card access. Individuals not affiliated with the university who wish to enter or use university property or buildings should obtain permission from the appropriate university authority or department. Unauthorized access to all university buildings and facilities is prohibited, including construction sites. Failure to comply may result in prosecution