Edit an Existing Program

  1. Go to futurebulletin.case.edu/programadmin
  2. Login using Single Sign-On (SSO)
  3. Find the Program Action Form of the existing program
  4. With the program selected on the dashboard, click Edit Program


    Screenshot of the Art Education BS PAF highlighted in the dashboard with a red arrow pointing to the green button labeled "Edit Program"


  5. Select the Type of Change for the edit
  6. Fill in all required fields on the form (outlined in red or preceded with an asterisk)
  7. As you work through the required information on the form, you can select a number of options at the bottom of the form when closing out if you are not ready to submit the form.
    • Cancel (1) - Selecting “Cancel” (or closing the pop-up window) will lose all progress in the session.
      • For new forms that have not been saved, it will not create a record of the proposal in the dashboard.
      • For new forms that have been saved and returned to, it will not save further changes made to the form since the last time it was saved in the system
    • Save Changes (2) - Selecting “Save Changes” will save the form in its current state and add the PAF to the dashboard (if saved for the first time). Selecting “Save Changes” will close the pop-up window.


      Screenshot of submission area of Program Action Form. Three buttons are shown (1) Cancel, (2) Save Changes, (3) Start Workflow.


  8. If the form is complete and ready to submit through school and university workflows, select Start Workflow (3).