Permission requests are processed online through the Student Information System (SIS). See Registering for Classes for more information on enrolling or adding classes to your shopping cart. For detailed instructions on how to request permission to Add (or Drop) a class, see Requesting Class Permission. For faculty who need to grant permissions, see Reviewing Permission Requests for instructions.

There are several reasons why permission may be required to enroll in a particular course:

Consent is Required

A class may be coded by the department as requiring either instructor or department consent. The consent type required may be either add consent or drop consent. Details regarding whether or not a class requires add or drop consent are through Class Search. Students who wish to add or drop a course that requires consent will need to request a Consent Required permission through SIS.

Class is Closed

Classes that reach their enrollment limits require permission. If all seats are taken, students will not be allowed to register unless a Closed Class permission is granted. Even if a class shows a status of "open" or it appears as if there are seats available, the class may have multiple offerings and the total seats available for all offerings may be filled.

Requisites Have Not Been Met

Departments determine whether or not a course requires pre-requisites, co-requisites or other requirement conditions. If the student has not met these requirements, registration for the course is not allowed unless a Requisites Not Met permission is granted.

There is a Time Conflict

Students may not register for classes that have any meeting day/time overlaps with each other. A Time Conflict permission may be granted by the instructor of the course which will be missed, NOT the instructor of the course which will not be missed. 

There is a Career Restriction

Some schools have restrictions on students such that they may not register for a course outside of their own career without receiving permission from either the student’s registrar or dean or the course career's registrar or dean. E.g., Law students may not register for Applied Social Science courses without a Career Restriction permission from the Law School registrar or Applied School of Social Sciences registrar.

Note: Once the permission request has been granted, students must complete the appropriate registration process to enroll in the course.


Permission Statuses

You may see the following permission statuses in SIS.

Permission Status Explanation
Unsubmitted Unsubmitted (new) request.
Pending Instructor Instructor has not yet acted on request.
Pending Department Permission required additional approval of academic department.
Pending Registrar Permission required additional approval of school registrar.
Granted Permission has been granted.
Denied Permission has been denied.
Revoked An unused permission has been revoked.