Information for Undergraduates

Degree Requirements

Refer to the General Bulletin for the requirements for the various undergraduate degrees and for the academic rules and regulations (such as the Pass/No Pass and Repeat options) governing undergraduates. Responsibility for meeting degree requirements and for knowing and adhering to academic regulations rests with each undergraduate. The Handbook for Undergraduate Students is available in the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Sears 447.

Eligibility for Financial Aid, Housing and Varsity Sports

Each semester, to be eligible for financial aid, for on-campus housing, or for participation in varsity sports, an undergraduate must be a full-time student enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours of courses.

Academic Probation Restrictions

A student who is on academic probation, or is otherwise not in good standing, may not participate in varsity sports, may not hold office in a campus organization, may not use the Pass/No Pass option, and may not cross-register at another institution.

Course Prerequisites

Consult the General Bulletin course descriptions and the Class Search regarding course prerequisites or ask the instructor if you are in doubt about prerequisites for a course. A student will not be able to enroll in a course for which he/she has not completed the prerequisite(s). If you fail to complete the prerequisite(s) for a course for which you are registered, you may be required make an adjustment to your schedule during the drop/add period.

Approval(s) Required for Registration

For a course overload (more than 19 credit hours): To register for more than 19 credit hours, a student must have approval from the Office of Undergraduate Studies.

For course permissions: See Permissions.

Audit a Course

For information on auditing a course, please see the Office of Undergraduate Studies >Academic Policies >Grades and Credit by Examination or contact your navigator.

Schedule Changes

Changes in non-credit physical education courses and changes from one section to another of a multiple section course may be made without an advisor's signature if the original schedule was approved by the advisor.