How to Write an Op-Ed Piece

Op-eds are short opinion pieces written for local or national publications. Writing an op-ed piece is an excellent way to present your views on child-related issues to a wider audience. Here are a few tips on how to write a convincing op-ed piece:

  1. Op-ed pieces should be submitted to a publication that will reach the desired audience, be it a community newsletter, a local newspaper, or a national news syndicate. Direct your argument toward your target audience, and write in a style that will resonate with these readers.
  2. Make one point only. State this point at the beginning of your piece, support it with up-to-date statistics, anecdotes, or other forms of evidence, and then close by stating your point again and proposing a route of action. Don’t waver on your position.
  3. Make your writing clear, concise, persuasive, and engaging. Avoid clichés.
  4. Don’t assume that your readers are already versed in your topic. Provide explanations and background information where necessary and avoid jargon.
  5. Follow the submission requirements for the publication to which you are submitting your op-ed. These requirements – including word counts, formatting, and submission deadlines – can usually be found on the publication’s website. Submit your op-ed piece with a cover letter including all contact information, any bio material that you want printed along with your name, and a statement on why your topic is timely and relevant.

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