Write a Letter to the Editor

Contacting your representatives allows you to take an active part in the production of child policy. Letters should address a single topic and be kept to a page or less (about three paragraphs). In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and state why you are writing. If you are writing about a specific piece of legislation, include the name and number of the legislation. In the second paragraph, detail your point more fully and include any supporting evidence or examples you have. Finish the letter by stating what action you want taken and thanking your representative for his/her time and consideration.While paper letters may be sent in the mail, your correspondence will reach your representative quicker and more efficiently if it is sent electronically, as security measures have slowed the postal process. Make sure to include your contact information with the letter, even if it is sent in email form. These tips were compiled from the following sources:

Members of the Case Western Reserve University community may access additional guidance on protocol and procedures related to interactions with public officials through the Case Western Reserve University Office of Government Relations.