First Year Experience

As a part of the larger first-year experience, the residential colleges play an integral part in a first-year student's personal and academic transformation. The residential colleges help students transition into their new communities, connecting them with the university through academic support, campus activities, residence hall programs and other events. Our goal is to help each resident establish a foundation for future success.

Second Year Experience

The Second Year Experience (SYE) program provides students with an environment to explore new or deeper avenues for career and personal plans, and supports them as they define or sharpen a personal vision for their undergraduate career and beyond. Because the university believes that two years of residence are beneficial for student success, residence is required except in special circumstances, and most second-year students live in residence halls or Greek communities. All second-year students are welcome to participate in SYE.

Upperclass Experience

Taking the personal vision developed by the end of the second year and further forming it into reality is the goal of the Upperclass Experience. The upper-class staff members support the creation of an environment in which residents can focus on that vision, building experiences in the final years of college while preparing for life after graduation. Increasingly, students seek and choose their support systems and involvements, taking initiative to craft a truly unique Case Western Reserve University experience.