Residential Complexes for Upperclass Students

Groups of students enjoying an upperclass experience event

Upperclass Experience

Taking the personal vision developed by the end of the second year and further forming it into reality is the goal of the Upperclass Experience. The upper-class staff members support the creation of an environment in which residents can focus on that vision, building experiences in the final years of college while preparing for life after graduation. At this later stage of the college experience, student paths are increasingly differentiated, diverse and tailored to individual students. Resources and mentors might come from any of a large variety of sources, including the academic department, college or school, career center, residence life staff or student organization. Increasingly, students seek and choose their support systems and involvements, taking initiative to craft a truly unique Case Western Reserve University experience. Upperclass Resident Assistants serve in the communities as well, providing support, guidance, and peer mentorship for their fellow upperclass students.

Graduating Senior Experience

The Graduating Senior Experience is a time of transition. At this point in the process, each student's journey at Case Western Reserve University is simultaneously peaking and almost complete. This experience is focused on preparing residents to make the transition from undergraduate CWRU student to whatever comes next, reflecting on and connecting their undergraduate experiences to their future plans and celebrating what they have accomplished. The Graduating Senior Experience is also a time for students to build connections with alumni and alumni activities that will sustain their connections to their alma mater for the rest of their lives.

Upperclass and Graduating Senior Experiences are lived out in many places across campus and in the world beyond. But in residence life, they are focused within three areas of campus: Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall, The Village at 115, and Property Management Apartments on the north side of campus.

The housing and community configuration in the Upperclass Experience supports a shift to more maturity and more independent living options. A variety of apartment sizes, private bedrooms, apartment common areas, shared kitchens and community council opportunities allow residents to personalize their own community and live out increasingly autonomous lifestyles, more approximating the responsibilities and rewards of living as an adult in society. The on-campus apartment configuration is the last step in the progression as students move toward post-graduation living arrangements.

Programming for the Upperclass and Graduating Senior Experience is designed specifically for students at this stage of the journey. Our Life After College series demystifies such things as professional networking, personal finances, resumes, job searches and insurance. Some events are just for fun, fellowship, and celebration, such as UCCtoberfest and the Senior Brunch, an event that brings together graduating seniors and their families for a pre-commencement celebration. As students' capstone residential experience, the Upperclass community is a time and place to make memories to take along on the journey after commencement.

The Upperclass Experience builds a unique set of communities each year.