Second Year

Residential Complexes for Second-Year Students

Identity mark for the CWRU second-year residential experience, showing the Spartan helmet, Cleveland skyline, and the text "Second Year Experience - Explore, Engage, Envision"
  • Who are you?
  • Where are you going?
  • How will you get there?

The Second-Year Experience (SYE) program provides students with an environment to explore new or deeper avenues for career and personal plans, and supports them as they define or sharpen a personal vision for their undergraduate career and beyond. Because the university believes that two years of residence are beneficial for student success, residence is required except in special circumstances, and most second-year students live in residence halls or Greek communities.

All second-year students are welcome to participate in SYE. Many students begin the second year with the excitement and breadth of the first year under their belts, but a renewal of focus and perspective. If the first year brought good foundations and connections, second-year students might use the year to narrow, focus, and create depth of engagement with a career path, circle of friends, life mission, or niche in the university community. For those who reflect on the first year and realize a change of direction is in order, the second year might bring a new major, an opportunity with a new organization or team, different relationships, or reaching out for help with study skills or personal issues. Whatever the circumstances, the second year is a time for self-knowledge, conscious decisions about direction, and active plans for making the future happen.

Second-year residential students live primarily in suite-style arrangements, with single rooms around a living room and bathroom, allowing each student to live with a smaller group of friends while still having ties to the larger community through lounge spaces, the dining halls, and class-wide programs. Community expectations, responsibilities, policies, and procedures reflect a maturity level that is more established than the First Year Experience, but still on the way to the Upperclass and Graduating Student Experiences.

Carlton Road, Murray Hill and SYE-North (Clarke Tower) make up the three communities of the Second-Year Experience.