Chemical Safety

Repair Fume Hoods

If your chemical fume hood has low or no airflow, broken dome lights, broken sash (or sash is difficult to slide up or down), airflow sensor malfunction, or the hood needs annual re-certification, etc., it needs service.

According to the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA), information about the identities and hazards of the chemicals must be available and understandable to workers. This requires chemical manufacturers and importers to evaluate the hazards of the chemicals they produce or import and prepare labels and safety data sheets to convey the hazard information to their customers. All employers working with hazardous chemicals in their laboratory must have labels and material safety data sheets available for workers and train them in appropriate chemical use. The employer must also educate exposed employees on the hazards of the chemicals in their laboratory or workplace—as well as providing them with measures to protect themselves.

OSHA'S Regulated Chemicals

Chemical Compatibility and Storage

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

Safety Data Sheet

Laboratory Equipment Safety