Safety Alerts

Policy on Working Alone

The Laboratory Safety Committee has approved policy pertaining to working alone. Review the following documents:

Working Alone Policy

Prohibited Work Activities

Working Alone Permission Form with Guidelines

Protective Clothing

Lab coats should extend to knees. They are available through the University BookstoreFisher Scientific, or Grainger.

Laboratory Safety Manual

The CWRU Laboratory Biosafety Manual and Laboratory Safety Manual cannot possibly take into account all procedures that are conducted in laboratories campus wide. For this reason each must keep a Chemical Hygiene Plan in the laboratory.

  • Remel media plates: Remel, Inc. warns of an increase in fungal contamination in unsterilized prepared media plates. The affected plates have expiration dates from May 29, 2017 to Feb 7, 2018 and match one of 111 reference numbers on their action notice. They recommend discarding all plates within a package that appear to have contamination on one or more plates. Contact their Technical Quality team at 800.255.6730 or email with any questions. Their Remel media plates gives the affected reference numbers.

  • Sigma Aldrich plastic containers‌: Plastic chemical containers from Sigma Aldrich can fail after an extended time in storage. Containers as young as 5 years have failed by cracking or becoming brittle.