X-Ray Safety Training

Think Ahead

Preregistration is required for all training. Class sizes are limited. See individual training types for contact and registration information.

Online Training

Online retraining is done through your Canvas dashboard. CaseID and password are required for use with the Canvas system to access online training modules. If you lack an ID and password, call Chemical Safety at 216.368.2907. For Radiation and Laser Training, call Radiation Safety at 216.368.2906.

Please note: For additional information and regulatory references, check Food & Beverage in the Laboratory.

Who should train?

X-ray safety training is required for all users of X-ray equipment such as:

  • Electron microscopes, 
  • Electron guns,
  • X-ray diffraction,
  • Veterinary x-rays
  • and more.

If you have already taken x-ray training, you do not need to retrain.

In-person training

If you are a new employee/student, you must register for an in-person training session. Preregistration is required for all training. Class sizes are limited, so make sure to sign up as soon as you are made aware of this training. Classes are held at 2 p.m. on the first Monday of each month unless otherwise noted.

How to sign up for in-person training:

Call 216.368.2906 to schedule a training session.