Entrance Caution Signs

Policy on Working Alone

The Laboratory Safety Committee has approved policy pertaining to working alone. Review the following documents:

Working Alone Policy

Prohibited Work Activities

Working Alone Permission Form with Guidelines

Protective Clothing

Lab coats should extend to knees. They are available through the University BookstoreFisher Scientific, or Grainger.

Laboratory Safety Manual

The CWRU Laboratory Biosafety Manual and Laboratory Safety Manual cannot possibly take into account all procedures that are conducted in laboratories campus wide. For this reason each must keep a Chemical Hygiene Plan in the laboratory.

These laboratory caution signs were developed to help first responders and other non-laboratory personnel understand potential hazards in laboratory areas.

PLEASE, Read this instruction page before clicking the link to the interactive form page. Attached you will find the link to the interactive order form for the new entrance caution signs. Please fill it out and hit the “Submit to EHS” button to have a custom made sign printed and sent to your office/laboratory.


  1. Fill out the NFPA Health, Flammability and Reactivity based on the most hazardous chemical(s) in your laboratory. The NFPA diamond can be found on the manufacturer’s label on all chemicals, or the SDS sheets.
  2. In the next box, pick the hazard pictograms that represent the top 6 hazards associated with the laboratory. If you mark a pictogram that has multiple options underneath, you MUST choose all that apply. CHOOSE NO MORE THAN 6 HAZARD SYMBOLS, as this is the maximum that will fit on the sign. Enclosed Lasers includes confocal microscopes, flow cytometers, cell sorters, FTIR, and other laser enclosed instruments.
  3. In the third box, mark the MINIMUM personal protective equipment (PPE) required to perform work in your area.
  4. Fill out the 24-hour emergency contact information and include after-hours or cell phone numbers. The exchanges 368 and 844 will not be accepted as an entry. The PI and one alternate is mandatory. The PI and 2 alternates is preferred.
  5. The form cannot be submitted until all pink highlighted cells no longer appear.
  6. Once you’ve received the new caution sign(s), please remove the old formatted signs and replace them with these.

Additional information to be included on the order form:

  1. Where and to whom do you want these sent (what lab or office number)? Location code? Person receiving?
  2. How many copies do you need? Multiple lab spaces will require multiple signs. If your lab spaces have different hazards, please be sure order signs specific to each area.

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