Electronic Equipment Disposal and Relocation

Discarded electronic devices include computers, fax machines, televisions, lab equipment and other items which contain circuitry. This equipment likely contains lead and other substances that, when handled improperly, could be released into the environment and cause harm.

To dispose of electronic waste please complete the online e-Waste disposal request form. Faxed forms will be rejected. If you have questions about electronic waste please visit the Office of Sustainability.

If the equipment originated in a laboratory, a safety clearance must first be obtained from the Environmental Health and Safety office. For tracking purposes, use permanent marker to write the building and room from which the devices came. For more information see below.

Laboratory Equipment Disposal and Relocation

Laboratory equipment must be cleared by the Environmental Health & Safety before it can be disposed of or relocated. To schedule a clearance, you must complete the Safety Clearance Protocol and Request Form and return the completed document to the EHS office.

All equipment must be properly decontaminated before EHS will provide a clearance. If you use carcinogenic, bio-hazardous, radiological or other hazardous materials, these must be eliminated before further action. Eliminating the hazard typically consists of wiping the equipment down with a cleaning solution or chemical:

  • Chemical: appropriate for the chemical
  • Bio-hazard: 10% bleach or 1N sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
  • Radiological: Follow radiation safety decontamination procedures. A survey by the Radiation Safety Office will be arranged by the safety specialist providing the clearance.