Driver Safety Training

In Person / Zoom Driver Training
Think Ahead

Preregistration is required for all in person (or Zoom) training. Class sizes are limited. See individual training types for contact and registration information.

Online Retraining

Online retraining is done through your Canvas dashboard. CaseID and password are required for use with the Canvas system to access online training modules. If you lack an ID and password, call Chemical Safety at 216.368.2907. For Radiation and Laser Training, call Radiation Safety at 216.368.2906.

In driver safety training, you will become familiar with the university travel policy as well as safe driving practices and procedures.

Who should train?

Driver safety awareness training is required for all employees, students and other personnel who drive CWRU vehicles. This training is required only once, meaning you do not have to retrain annually.

In-person training

A valid driver's license is required for Driver Safety training. Training sessions are held at the EHS office; you can sign up online. No retraining (online or otherwise) is required for this training.