Respiratory Protection Training

Think Ahead

Preregistration is required for all Initial in person (or Zoom) training. Class sizes are limited. See individual training types at the left to Sign Up!

Online Retraining

Online retraining is done through your Canvas dashboard. CaseID and password are required for use with the Canvas system to access online training modules. If you lack an ID and password, call Chemical Safety at 216.368.2907. For Radiation and Laser Training, call Radiation Safety at 216.368.2906.

Not sure if you are delinquent with your training?

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Note: You must successfully complete an initial EHS training before you will be able to check your training.

This training will allow respirator users to understand: 

  • The different types of respiratory protection;
  • Where and when respirators are used; 
  • What requirements must be met in order to wear one;
  • Limitations of your respirator;
  • How to properly put on and take of the respirator; and 
  • How to maintain the respirator.

Who Should Train?

Employees or students who must wear a respirator during the course of their employment/study. This includes medical, dental, and nursing students. For full-face and half-face cartridge respirator use, call Environmental Health and Safety at 216.368.2907.


These steps must be completed in order to receive your respirator certification:


Medical Clearance

You must first obtain medical clearance to wear a respirator (n95, PAPR, and/or cartridge style) from CWRU Health Services. To obtain medical clearance:

  1. Log into with your CWRU network ID and passphrase, then authenticate using your date of birth.
  2. Click messages, new message, I want to fill out a respirator form, then click continue.
  3. Fill out the form and click submit.
  4. An RN from University Health Services will review the form and will send you a secure message letting you know if you have been cleared for fit testing.

Do not submit any medical information to EHS.

If you have any questions regarding respirator medical clearance, you can visit the University Health Services website or call 216.368.2450.


EHS will send an invitation to take the OSHA respirator training through Canvas once Health Services notifies EHS that the individual seeking respirator certification has been medically cleared. A minimum score of 70% must be achieved to receive credit for the training.

Fit Test

Once the training is complete you may sign up for a fit test using the google doc link here.  Please type your name next to the desired time for the day you wish to be fit tested.  Fit testing will take place at EHS. The respirators you are fit tested for, are the only respirators you're qualified to wear.

Fit-tests will not be performed on individuals who are not clean shaven in the area of the respirator seal. If the individual fails to meet these parameters, they will have to reschedule a time to come back for fit-testing when they are clean shaven. If you are a medical student who will be going through rotations at an outside institution, you must be fit tested with the respirator that will be used by that facility. Please make sure that you supply the respirator, if we don't carry it.