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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Map of medical quad

Find EHS in the medical quad.

Biological Safety

Forms, training, and regulations. Read more >

Chemical Safety

Rules and regulations for hazardous chemicals. Read more >


Proper ergonomics is key to avoiding injury in the workplace. Read more >

Facility Safety

Promote a safe environment. Read more >

Fire Safety

Reports, training, and other resources. Read more >

Indoor Air Quality

Criteria for acceptable air quality. Read more >

Laboratory Safety

Forms, policies, procedures, and training materials. Read more >

Radiation+Laser Safety

Forms and manuals. Read more >


Safety Alerts

Latest alert: Fungal contamination in Remel unsterilized prepared media plates. See all Safety Alerts.

Anonymous Reporting

If you see safety violations or other inappropriate behavior, but want to remain anonymous, call 866.483.9367 or Go to Integrity Hotline >

Need something cleaned, repaired or disposed/recycled (eWaste)?

Before any work can be done, a clearance needs to be performed to assure there are no hazards.

Fill out this form and submit it to the EHS office: Equipment and room clearance form (editable PDF)

Check out the office of sustainability site concerning recycling (including eWaste) as an option to disposal.

Stay Up to Date

Find new OSHA requirements, shipping standards, and more in EHS newsletters.