Biohazardous Materials Training

INITIAL Zoom Biological Safety Training

Online retraining is done through your Canvas dashboard.

This training covers biosafety regulations and best practices in microbiological and biomedical research laboratories. While the training is directed towards researchers it is appropriate for clinicians and OSHA category 2 employees. Topics covered include:

Who should train?

NIH, CDC and OSHA Biosafety and Bloodborne pathogen training is required for all faculty, staff, students and volunteers who work with the following:

  • Any bacterium, virus, parasite, prion, fungus, etc.;
  • Material of human or non-human primate origin, including established cell lines;
  • Biological toxins, allergens or venom;
  • Recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids that express a foreign gene in any living organism (including E. coli, D.melanogaster, etc), including gene editing techniques such as CRISPR, TALENs and zinc fingers;
  • Animal cell lines, fluids, tissues, organs, etc.;
  • Biologically active nanoparticles; and
  • Gene editing techniques.

Note: All medical, dental and nursing students must take this training.

Can I train online?

Those who have attended in-person training may take advantage of our online retraining course on Canvas. If you’ve already had training, you must retrain online each year. If you are a new worker or are more than a year out of date, you must register for in-person training.

In-person/Zoom training

If you are a new employee/student, you must register for an in-person training session. NOTE: EHS is currently only using ZOOM for trainings until further notice. Preregistration is required for all training. Class sizes are limited, so make sure to sign up as soon as you are made aware of this training. Use our online form to sign up for biohazardous materials training. You may also call 216.368.2907 for questions and registration information.

Biosafety training for high containment (BSL-3) laboratories

Anyone who believes they need access to the high-containment biosafety level -3 laboratory should contact the biosafety office at 216.368.2907 to discuss training and laboratory access.