Farm Dog Policy

The policy at the University Farm: Squire Valleevue and Valley Ridge Farms requires that every dog be kept on a leash while on the farm. Signs are posted throughout the Farm property. The Farm staff will and must enforce this rule without exception. We will ask for ID and names to identify visitors' affiliation to Case Western Reserve University.

We are often unaware of the problems dog cause. Dogs run into the ponds where research and teaching is going on. Research and teaching material have been damaged and students' time is often lost as a consequence. Some children and adults are afraid of dogs running loose. Dogs begging for food at picnic tables or dumping trash containers are a real nuisance. Strange dogs running loose in the same areas have led to fighting. We have had incidents of people being bitten by "friendly" and "playful" dogs.

Please understand that the farm is a multi-use facility open to many people for diverse purposes. We must respect the researcher, student, faculty instructors, picnicker, and casual visitor. We will ask the violators to leave the premises if the leash policy is not followed.

For more information, please view our Dog Policy

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