Pink Pig Policies and Regulations

  1. Only University groups may use the Pink Pig. It is not for individual private use.
  2. The reservation will be confirmed after an authorized member of the group signs a formal statement concerning the use of the Pink Pig. This statement indicates that he/she will see that the group follows the rules governing the Pink Pig. This statement will be on file in the office at Squire Valleevue Farm.
  3. A Case undergraduate student group must have a sponsor, such as a faculty member or other CWRU Admin advisor. This person need not accompany the group, but he/she must agree to be responsible for the group and sign a sponsor's agreement form.
  4. Student groups can use facility at no cost as follows: Student group contact must submit online reservation request form (not faculty or staff), event is organized by student group and is for, and attend by, students (not faculty, staff or other outside non-CWRU group).
  5. Groups using the Pink Pig must use during open hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
  6. Overnight groups are requested to stay inside the building and keep noise to a non-intrusive level after 11 p.m. No outdoor camping permitted (unless prior approval has been given by farm Administration).
  7. CWRU approved alcohol permit must be submitted and guidelines followed by all CWRU groups using Pink Pig.
  8. Alcohol policy must be followed by all NFP/non CWRU educational groups using Pink Pig.
  9. The maximum size of a day group using the Pink Pig is 30 people.
  10. The maximum size of a group that can stay overnight is 16 people. The minimum number is 8 people.
  11. There is no phone available in the Pink Pig.
  12. No weddings, receptions or private functions will be allowed at the Pink Pig.
  13. The Pink Pig must be left clean and in the same order as it was when the group arrived. All furniture that is moved must be returned to the original positions. All dishes must be washed, dried and put away. We do not supply towels or detergent.
  14. An overhead projector and screen is available for use. A chalk board is located at the far end of the room.
  15. Leftover food must be disposed of properly and not left in the refrigerator. There are 2 grills available for use by the patio. You may not bring your own grill(s).
  16. Garbage and trash should be put in the cans located in the kitchen.
  17. Do not throw water on burning logs in the fireplace. Make sure that the screen is around the opening and the fire will go out in time.
  18. Close and latch all windows, turn off the lights and close the doors securely. Please do not lock the doors.
  19. Other Farm buildings are off limits to guests of the Pink Pig with the exception of the restrooms.
  20. The restrooms are located outside the Pink Pig by the silo.
  21. No tape or other glue-like material is permitted on the walls in the Pink Pig.
  22. All non-student events will be charged a minimal usage fee. Usage fee for CWRU sponsored events $200, NFP and Non-CWRU sponsored events $225.
  23. NO PETS permitted in the building. ALL pets must be leashed at all times.
  24. Must clean up after pets and remove waste to trash receptacle.
  25. Based on the University calendar, certain dates are considered unavailable for use of the Manor House. Those dates are as follows: 1) New Year's Eve, 2) Any Scheduled University Holiday, 3) Any day that immediately precedes or follows a scheduled University Holiday.
  26. All tobacco products are prohibited on CWRU indoor and outdoor property. See University Tobacco-Free Policy for full details and definitions.