Farm Tree Planting Dedication Program

Photo of Red Maple Tree in field of green grass

The Farm Tree Planting Dedication Program allows donors to select a tree for planting from among several choices to commemorate a lost loved one, honor someone special or commemorate an occasion such as a wedding or anniversary.

For a $1,500 gift to the farm, donors will be able to choose from a shade tree or an ornamental tree from a list of suitable trees prepared by our farm horticulturist. The tree will then be selected and planted in an area which will be designated as the "Memorial Arboretum" located at Squire Valleevue Farm.

Each donation covers the cost of the tree, all labor to procure and properly plant it, all cultural considerations such as fertilizer and mulch, a memorial plaque with the honoree's name, from whom it was given, and the university's name. The cost also covers the potential replacement cost should the tree fail to survive during its first year. Trees that fail to thrive after a period of one year will be replaced only at the discretion of the farm administration. No tree will be replaced after two years.

Photo of Cherry Tree in bloom

The "Memorial Arboretum" will be located in an open space that is highly visited by event participants and casual visitors. With proximity to a water source to ensure the survivability of newly planted trees.

Types of Trees

Donors can choose from two ornamental trees:

  • Malus Sp. (Crabapple)
  • Acer Rubrum (Red Maple)

For more information, please contact the Farm office at 216.368.0274.