About the School

Graduate school is a significant life and lifestyle decision. It requires two or more years of dedicated study in a concentrated program of learning. The rewards, of course, are noteworthy. They vary from career enhancement and financial success to personal growth and accomplishment.

The School of Graduate Studies at Case Western Reserve University helps manage your world-class path to these objectives. At CWRU you’ll prepare to be a leader in your field and community. You’ll also build your contributory potential by learning from and engaging in research with some of the world’s most innovative minds.

Post-baccalaureate degree programs are available in more than 90 disciplines. These lead to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Fine Arts , Master of Science, Master of Public Health, Master of Engineering and Management, Master of Engineering, Master of Science in Anesthesia, Doctor of Musical Arts, and Doctor of Philosophy.

Beyond meaningful graduate programs, the campus offers a holistic learning experience. Graduate students will feel comfortable in a diverse environment of 10,000+ students. Of those, only 45 percent are undergraduates, while the balance are in graduate and professional programs. Meanwhile, nearly 20 percent of students are international, representing more than 90 nations. Domestic students represent all 50 states and the District of Columbia.