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Spoken English Programs

Undergraduate, graduate, professional students, and postdocs who want to practice pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary, and other spoken English skills can sign up for Spoken English Tutoring through our Spoken English Language Partner (SELP) program. Find an appointment at

Who are the Spoken English Language Partners (SELP)?

We are a group of undergraduate and graduate students trained to help with presentation skills, pronunciation, classroom participation, fluency, and vocabulary. We meet individually with CWRU undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. Many of us are working on degrees in English, but some of us have backgrounds in communication or science and engineering. We have all been trained to help you with your spoken English needs!

If you have any questions about SELP, please contact This program is supported by Graduate Studies. You can make an appointment with one of the Spoken English Language Partners (SELP) at

Spoken English Seminar for Graduate and Professional Students (Fee-Based)

A fee-based workshop for graduate and professional students interested in improving their spoken English skills is available. Contact for more information.

Seminar in Culture and Communication - Spoken English Seminar

A FREE six-week Seminar in Culture and Communication specifically for existing or new graduate and professional international students runs every semester. In this seminar, students will gain a deeper understanding of US culture while improving spoken English skills.

During this seminar, students will participate in thoughtful discussions and authentic situations with instructors and campus guests for confidently communicating in English. Seminar enrollment will be kept small enough for ample time to practice spoken English.

Topics will include: idioms, restaurant/food culture, humor/jokes, academic culture, networking, US history, academic resources, and social interactions.

Please contact with questions.

Tutoring: One-on-One Tutoring in Spoken English Skills – You can work with a trained tutor to enhance your pronunciation and fluency. Tutors can also work with you on pronunciation, idioms, and conversation skills. You can also practice presentations and receive feedback. 
Find a tutor and appointment at:

Seminar for Better Pronunciation: You may have learned basic pronunciation long ago. This short course is a good review of vowel pronunciation along with tips and tricks for improving your basic syllable and word pronunciation. Each vowel in English has many options for how to pronounce it correctly. Learn these tips along with how to pronounce some of the most commonly mispronounced words in American English.

Contact for the current schedule.

Tutoring: You can practice your presentation with one of our trained tutors and get feedback for improvements.

Seminar in Accuracy for Presentation Skills: This short courses provides you with tips and tricks for professional presentations. Learn how to use gestures and eye contact to connect with your audience. Learn more about how to organize your content and learn advanced vocabulary for presentations and for presenting charts and graphs in English.

Contact for the current schedule.

Seminar in Advanced Fluency: There are some tricks to speaking English smoothly. Learn about Reductions, Linking, Trimming and other skills for speaking fluently.
Contact for the current schedule.

Tutoring: Find a tutor at

Seminar in Culture and Communication: In this short course, we discuss elements of culture from many countries. Participants share their culture and learn how cultures are similar or different to the culture here at Case, Cleveland, and the US. Learn the vocabulary and phrases you need to engage on campus and in the US. This is a great seminar to meet others and practice conversation. 
Contact for the current schedule.

Yes, spouses are welcome to join any of the seminars.

FREE Course - UNIV401: Advanced Professional Development for University Teaching

This course will help you to better understand teaching and learning at the university level and provide you with the opportunity to create a course, lesson, and to engage in teaching.

This is a FREE course which is open to graduate students, post-docs, and others in the campus community. You can register in SIS. The course is offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Writing Resource Center (WRC): You can make an appointment to meet with a Writing Consultant who will assist you in reviewing your writing here:

Course: ENGL 415: Academic Research and Writing: This course will help you to improve and enhance your skills in graduate level professional and academic writing. For more information, email the Department of English:

You can register in SIS. You must pay tuition for this credited course.