Planned Program of Study

Planning is Essential

An official Planned Program of Study (PPOS) is required for each graduate student by the end of their second semester.

Graduate students at CWRU are encouraged to meet with their advisor within the first semester of residence to discuss all departmental requirements and create a list of proposed coursework, known as the Planned Program of Study (PPOS). The PPOS outlines—in consultation with the major faculty advisor or advisory committee—the courses and other requirements for the MA, MFA, MS, ME, MPH, MSA, DMA, or PhD degrees.

The School of Graduate Studies requires each graduate student* to submit a PPOS by the end of their second semester. Students submit their PPOS via the Student Information System (SIS) for advisor and School of Graduate Studies approval. A registration hold will be placed on the student's account if the program of study is not completed on time. If the original plan changes, a revised program of study must be submitted via SIS.

Quick reference guides for creating, updating, or approving a PPOS are available through the University Registrar.

*Integrated programs (BS/MS and IGS) submit a paper version of their PPOS form (BSMS or IGS) as part of the admissions process and are exempt from the SIS PPOS process. Master of Engineering and Management (MEM) students do not complete a PPOS.

* Most students in programs using the Academic Requirement (AR) Report in SIS are no longer required to submit a PPOS. Check with your department for details.