Please be aware of the university's important Dates and Deadlines when submitting forms. If you are past a deadline, reach out to Graduate Studies. 

Included below is a collection of the most common forms used by graduate students. If you need something that’s not here, please contact the School of Graduate Studies at All forms below should be submitted directly to the School of Graduate Studies electronically by emailing



Drop/Add - Use this form to add or drop a course from your schedule in the Student Information System. 

Course Repeat Request‌  - Use this form to request to retake up to two courses in order to improve your GPA. 

Extension Request Form - Use this form to request to extend the amount of time needed to complete an MS or PhD degree.

Leave of Absence - Use this form to request a leave of absence (up to two consecutive semesters). This will not extend the amount of time permitted to complete the degree and cannot be taken while on an extension. 

Transfer of Credit Request - Use this form to transfer credit from an outside institution. 

Petition for Transfer of Program - Use this form to transfer to another program at the university. 


Fellowships and Awards

Fellowship Course Application - Use this form to apply to take a free Fellowship Course. You must be registered for the minimum credit hours required by your program per semester and have an advisor-approved Program of Study in the Student Information System. See the Fellowship Course policy here.

Graduate Student Travel Award (GSTA) Departmental Approval Form - Use this form to obtain approval and sponsorship from your department before applying for the Graduate Student Travel Award (application on CampusGroups) to cover travel expenses incurred while attending a conference where a paper or poster will be presented. See the GSTA policy here

Verhosek Fund (V-Fund) Application - The form to request funds to assist with financial expenses encountered while presenting at a conference or other academic event can now be found on CampusGroups here. See the V-Fund policy here


PhD-specific Forms

Advancement to Candidacy - Use this form to show that you have taken and passed the qualifying examination. 

Notification for Scheduling the Final Oral Exam for the PhD - Use this form to schedule your Final Oral Exam for the PhD at least 3 weeks prior to your defense. 

Predoctoral Standing - Use this form if you have not yet advanced to candidacy but are beginning dissertation research (701) with departmental approval. 


Graduation Materials

Forms for graduation and instructions for their submission are available in the Graduation section.