Integrated Programs

Planned Program of Study (PPOS)

An unofficial Planned Program of Study (PPOS) is required to be uploaded onto the BS/MS graduate student application for review purposes only. If accepted into the program by the department, an official form will need signed by your faculty advisor and the Undergraduate Advising Support Office. Once approved by the Undergraduate Advising Support Office, they will forward it to the School of Graduate Studies for a final review. 

Please note that BS/MS applications WILL NOT be processed without the PPOS being received and approved by the School of Graduate Studies.



Eligibility and program details: Contact the Undergraduate Advising Support Office


Application process: Contact Graduate Studies or 216.368.4390

The following programs allow acceleration toward graduate study. These programs permit undergraduate students to study for and receive their master's degree while also studying for their bachelor's degree. Please see our Degree Programs Offered to view which degrees offer BS/MS and BS/ME Programs.

For additional information relating to degree requirements and eligibility, please refer to the Acceleration Toward Graduate Study page maintained by the Undergraduate Advising Support Office

Integrated BS/MS

The Integrated BS/MS Program is intended for highly motivated candidates for the bachelor of science (BS) in engineering, computer science, mathematics, natural sciences, or statistics who wish to pursue an advanced degree. *Courses taken before formal admission into the integrated program cannot be double counted. 

Upon admission to the program, BS/MS students will continue to register with the Undergraduate Advising Support Office and are subject to the policies, rules, and regulations of the Undergraduate Advising Support Office. Students in the BS/MS program will pay undergraduate tuition rates until they receive the bachelor's degree. Once the bachelor's degree has been awarded, BS/MS students will begin paying graduate tuition rates.

Application Process

BS/MS applicants should contact the Undergraduate Advising Support Office for more information regarding filling out their Planned Program of Study (PPOS) form. 

Application Process:

1) Applicants should apply via the online application system(Note that your $50 application fee is waived automatically.)

2) Download the Planned Program of Study (PPOS) Form (BS/MS) and complete with your advisor. 

3) Upload the PPOS form onto the online application; this form is considered unofficial at this point and will be used in the review process by your department. Submit the online application. 

4) If you are accepted by the department, you MUST have the PPOS form reviewed and signed by the Undergraduate Advising Support Office. The Undergraduate Advising Support Office will give the form to Graduate Studies for final review. *In order to get a head start, you should send the PPOS form to the Undergraduate Advising Support Office for review as soon as you submit your application. 

5) Once the form has been signed off by all parties, you will be issued your official offer letter from Graduate Studies.

6) You will need to accept our offer of admission in order to matriculate with a graduate record in SIS. Any courses taken before acceptance into the program cannot be double counted.