1990: LGSU Revitalized

Letter to the Editor: Lesbian-Gay Student Union revitalized

Published February 16, 1990

Dear Fellow CWRU Students,

The purpose of this letter is to announce the revitalization of the Lesbian & Gay Student Union (LGSU) at Case Western Reserve University. This organization has currently come under new leadership and a wide range of activities and events are in the planning and development stages. With your involvement we can turn the LGSU into a strong organization that serves the entire campus effectively.

Why is it important to have a strong lesbian and gay student organization? As you might have noticed, society is not overly tolerant of diversity; LGSU strives to create a safe, accepting and social environment for lesbian and gay students, at least on our campus. Also, the very presence of a strong LGSU helps fellow students who are just starting to deal with their homosexuality. A strong LGSU can also help educate our campus about homosexual issues, making it a more aware environment for all students.

Some of the activities and events currently being planned and developed by the LGSU are:

  1. Weekly meetings to be held in Thwing on a night convenient for members: these meetings will be social by design with refreshments served and upcoming events discussed.
  2. Off campus social events.
  3. A volunteer program to help take care of AIDS patients.
  4. A gay related film to be co-sponsored by the Film Society and presented next semester.
  5. A gay related play to be presented next semester as a fundraiser. 6. A mixer with the LGSU of a nearby college, possibly Oberlin College.
  6. A variety of speakers and educational events.
  7. A campus-wide information line.
  8. What ever you would like to do, we are open to your comments and suggestions!

What does the LGSU require of you? We don't require anything of you but your support and your involvement in the activates that interest you. We don't expect everyone to get involved in everything. All are more than welcome to get involved, gay, lesbian, or straight! Come see what we are all about. Meetings will be posted throughout campus and announced in The Observer. Hope to see you soon!

Sincerely yours,

Paul Francis Gardner

President LGSU