Master of Public Health/Master of Science in Nutrition

Dual-Degree Program

This is a dual degree program that is offered jointly by the Departments of Population and Quantitative Health Sciences and Nutrition.  The core Master Degree courses include a mixture of those from nutrition, biochemistry and public health.

The trained graduate could be employed in a wide variety of settings, including (but not limited to) local, state, national, or global public policy, governmental public health, hospital outreach, community-based health non-profit organizations, health organizations, research projects; or the Food and Drug Administration. Additionally, these graduates could serve as health emissaries to foreign countries regarding nutrition, sufficient food supply, sanitary environment, food safety, oral rehydration, or the advisability of food supplements.

The MPH/Nutrition dual degree is envisioned with students able to apply for either degree, then later join the other; or apply directly for the joint degree.   Both the MPH and MS programs confer degrees through the School of Graduate Studies and as such are subject to Graduate Studies rules and procedures. Both programs are housed in the School of Medicine.