Annual Review

Annual Review Information

At Case Western Reserve University, we aim to provide an excellent training and mentoring environment for our postdoctoral researchers. Postdocs require regular feedback in order to grow professionally and benefit from praise as well as critique.

The Postdoc Annual Review is to be completed by the 9th month of the postdoc’s appointment. Completion at this time allows for postdoc to find another job or make alternative plans should the postdoctoral contract not be renewed. For international postdocs, three months lead-time is ideal in processing visa paperwork. The Annual Review Policy states that Postdoctoral Fellows and Scholars may not be dismissed from a laboratory without a 90-day notice, and may only be terminated for “just cause” such as grave misconduct or serious neglect of professional responsibilities.

Process for Postdoc Annual Review:

  • Postdocs complete their Individual Development Plans within the first 3-6 months of appointment.
  • Postdocs complete a self-evaluation at the 7th-8th month – they can use the same form that will be used for the Annual Evaluation. Sample forms are located in the right sidebar.
  • Postdocs schedule a performance evaluation meeting with PI around month 8
  • Principal Investigators will fill out an Annual Review Form (Performance Evaluation). Annual Review templates are available in the right sidebar, but specific forms are not required; departments can choose the format that works best for them. Written letters outlining the growth and development of the postdoctoral researcher is perfectly acceptable.
  • PIs and Postdocs will meet to discuss the Annual Review. It is “best practice” for at least one additional person to be included in the review process such as a faculty advisor, a member of the postdoctoral fellow/ scholar’s mentoring team, program director, collaborator, department chair, Center Director, or other appropriate individual.

Signed copies of completed Annual Review written report will be required in order to renew current postdocs. A copy of the Annual Evaluation should be sent to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs at