Committees & Members

PDA Executive Board

Sr. Co-President: Shashi Singh (

Jr. Co-President: Vacant

Secretary: Imdadul Khan (

Treasurer: Lenka Hromadkova (

PDA Committees

The Benefits committee focuses on informing, interpreting, and advocating for postdoc health care and rights. A few things the committee helps keep postdocs informed on what their healthcare plans cover, what they have for sick and parental leave, what they have for vacation days, and what are their hiring and firing rights. The committee also advocates and lobbies for changes related to these topics to alleviate the financial and mental burden that postdoc life can entail.

Current projects include:

  • Report any changes to healthcare plans to the PDA
  • Creating website resources for healthcare FAQs and explanations of the benefits, costs, how to find care, and plan details. 
  • Working to identify resources available to CWRU postdocs such as mental health support, wellness resources, etc.
  • Work with UTech to allow for postdocs to track and report their time in HCM

Current committee members: Chair - Bernadette Schneider (

Created in Fall 2023, the Fundraising committee is focused on creating a revenue stream for the Postdoc Association. This includes managing the annual Vendor Fair, writing grants, running fundraisers, seeking sponsorships, or finding cooperations across the university. 

Current committee members: TBD

The Immigration and Visa committee primarily works to bring visibility to the experiences, strengths, and challenges of international postdocs and their families. They began initiatives to help improve and streamline visa-related procedures for international postdocs as well as uplift their concerns to CWRU administration. They also help to provide helpful workshops, informational sessions, and valuable resources related to life in Cleveland and the United States.

Current projects include:

  • Streamline various visa procedures and protocols by working with respective university officials.
  • Update the PDA community with the latest ongoing visa and immigration issues and changes
  • Invite immigration experts as guest speakers to present on various visa and immigration issues pertaining to CWRU postdocs.
  • Creating website resources for incoming postdocs about SSNs, bank accounts, housing, spoken English programs, taxes, etc.

Current committee members: Chair - Sagar Regmi (

The PDC aims to provide postdocs meaningful and timely resources to support their professional growth at CWRU. They coordinate various workshops, webinars, and professional development opportunities to improve skills related to grant writing, conference presentation, networking, and academic and non-academic interviewing knowledge.

Current projects include:

  • Disseminate best practices in research-related activities, grant writing, and professional development.
  • Establish a Postdoc Career Series to bring in recent postdocs who have since found permanent positions. They share insights on professional development, their career field, making the transition, and interview/resume tips.
  • Create and moderate a Discord server for postdocs to communicate, share ideas, and create a supportive community. 
  • Increase knowledge of the various on-campus resources and programs available for postdocs.

Current committee members: Chair - Eric Mosher (, Popular Pandey (, Maura McCall (, and Nisha Bhattarai (

The role of the Public Relations committee is to inform the public and university members about the activities and achievements of the CWRU postdocs and promote the PDA's service projects and activities on different platforms, including print and social media. Having strong public relations ensure that people realize the credibility of the association and its contribution to the community as a whole. When the CWRU PDA has a positive public image, current members are motivated to be active and prospective members are eager to join.

Current projects include:

  • Increasing social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for social events, professional development, job opportunities, and community engagement.
  • Created a Postdoc Spotlight of the Month to highlight our CWRU postdoc's accomplishments beginning in June 2023
  • Created a Kudos form on the website to gather information about postdoc accomplishments; this allows the committee to share them in the Daily and on social media.

Current committee members: Chair - Jonnelle Edwards-Glenn (

Social Media Ambassador for The DailyFacebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn: Jonnelle Edwards-Glenn (

The Social committee is focused on all things fun. Historically, the PDA has held two annual postdoc parties open to all postdocs and their immediate families, as well as occasional happy hours and outings to places like Think[box].

Current projects include:

  • Planning more postdoc get togethers including Game Night, Pumpkin Carving, Jolly Scholar, Night at the Orchestra, Wade Oval Wednesday, etc. 
  • Created a website dedicated to upcoming and previous Events held by the CWRU postdocs. 

Current committee members: Chair - Syam S. (

The Women's Affairs committee focuses on empowering and providing opportunity to women-identifying postdocs. The primary goal of the committee is to open lines of communication between the current postdoctoral research scholars by providing venues for discussion, collaboration, and support. The committee's aim is to foster an environment that promotes mentoring, networking, and career development to postdocs.

Current projects include:

  • Work with the Social Committee to organize and advertise events targeted at women-identifying postdocs and postdocs with families such as coffee breaks for Postdoc Parents 
  • Putting together panels focused on issues faced by women identifying postdocs.
  • Spotlighting the funding and support offered by the Flora Stone Mather Center for Women. 
  • Spotlight our postdocs for International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Current committee members: Chair - Sreelakshmi Vasudevan ( and Amra Ismail (

Faculty Senate Committee Representatives

Campus Planning, Facilities, and Space: Eric Mosher (

Graduate Studies: Eric Mosher (

Information and Communications Technology: Maura McCall (

Main Faculty Senate and Intercouncil Leadership: Shashi Singh (

Minority Affairs: Volodymyr Stetsenko (

Research: Sagar Regmi (

University Libraries: Popular Pandey (

Women Faculty: Nicole Wagner (

Ad hoc Committee; University Media and Social Media Safety and Protection Plan: Jonnelle Edwards-Glenn (