Appointments & Renewals

Appointments with the Director

Current postdocs, admin, or faculty can schedule a Zoom or in-person appointment time to speak with the Postdoc Director. 

Posting Open Positions

Guidelines on Benefits and Salary/Stipends

Before posting a postdoc position, please consult the Salary/Stipend Guidelines, as well as the Benefits Information on the monthly rates (it is a requirement to provide Single level coverage; PIs can opt into paying for higher than Single coverage for families). 

Posting Platforms

Your position can be posted on the Academic Careers page on the HR website by emailing the position description to The job will be posted for a minimum of 5 days, but the standard is 90 days. Other potential locations to post open positions include the National Postdoc Association, Science, Nature, Minority Postdoc, Inside Higher Ed, Higher Ed Jobs, Chronicle of Higher Education, or Postdoc Jobs. 

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs can also share your job posting on the CWRU Postdocs Twitter and Postdoctoral Affairs LinkedIn page to get the word out 

Appointing or Renewing a Postdoc

Once a Candidate is Identified

Once you recruit, interview, and decide on a final candidate you're interested in hiring, please have the prospective postdoc fill out the Post Doc Data Form on the Postdoctoral Affairs website. Be sure they answer "Have you been offered a postdoc position at CWRU? - Yes". This signals to our office that we need to create the EMPLID (unless an EMPLID already exists). The Postdoc Office will send the EMPLID to the department assistant so they can create the appointment request in SIS. The appointment will go through the approval chain and once it reaches the Postdoc Office, we will generate the official appointment letter and email it to the postdoc, PI, department assistant, finance office, and Human Resources.

The appointment or renewal letter must be signed by the postdoc and emailed to HR Records ( and the Postdoc Office. 

Appointment / Renewal Documents Required

Departments will enter all postdoc scholar and fellow appointments/renewals/visa recommendations through the Student Information System (SIS) electronic postdoc appointment system. All approvals will also be done through SIS. 

When preparing to appoint/renew a postdoc, you will need the following in order to enter the record in SIS:

Remote/Hybrid Postdocs

The university will consider remote work for postdocs in certain cases. However, all cases must be approved in advance by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. Additionally, if the postdoc is working remotely out of the state of Ohio, the following must be completed prior to the appointment:

  • The department must email the Hybrid Committee at
  • A new (revised) submission of the department's hybrid work plan for the entire department must be submitted and approved before new hires can begin to work a hybrid schedule. This includes the Department Hybrid - Remote Work Proposal Form and Department Staff Hybrid Work Schedule Excel Sheet. Then the new hire cannot work hybrid until the position is deemed eligible and the supervisor receives the approved memo. 
  • The department will need to work with the CWRU Office of General Counsel to find a labor/tax attorney in the postdoc's state. The attorney will need to review any applicable laws and write a memo to OGC. The department is responsible for this cost and finding an attorney. If the department does not get this advice, they will be held responsible for any legal violations.