Postgraduate Audit Program

The Postgraduate Audit Program is available to individuals who hold MD, ND, DDS, or PhD degrees and are in training positions in CWRU research or clinical programs.


  • Auditors pay only 10% of regular graduate tuition, plus the cost of books and materials. Please go to the Student Financial Services website for current graduate tuition rates and invoicing details.
  • There will be no refunds should the auditor decide to withdraw from the course.
  • Auditors may not be enrolled simultaneously in a degree program at CWRU.
  • Auditors may only take two courses per semester and only with their faculty mentor's consent.
  • Auditors may not enroll as a degree or non-degree student during the same semester while enrolled as a postgraduate audit student.
  • Auditors will not receive a grade or course credit, but the audited course will appear on a CWRU non-degree transcript.
  • Auditors may not, at any subsequent time, apply for credit in any class audited through this program, nor may the class be applied towards a degree.
  • All registered students are automatically billed for the CWRU Student Medical Plan (in the fall and spring terms) unless a waiver is submitted to the University Health Service by the deadline posted for each semester. You may complete the waiver online when registering in the Student Information System. Please visit the Student and Dependent Medical Plans page for additional details.


First-Time Registrants

Postgrad auditors must complete the Non-degree Postgraduate Audit Application. Email your completed application to

Once your application is processed, you will receive instructions for course registration via email.

Non-First-Time Registrants
  1. Email a request to the postgrad audit advisor ( to release the advising hold on your registration, this will allow you to register.
  2. Once the hold has been released, log into the Student Information System (SIS) to register. Go to Enrolling in Classes for detailed instructions.
All Registrants
  1. Please review the Overrides and Permissions Information.
  2. Prerequisites: It is the student's responsibility to meet any prerequisites for courses.
  3. From the Student Center, you can view your academic info, as well as view the Searchable Schedule of Classes to access semester schedules. View the Searchable Schedule.

Registration deadlines will follow the University Academic Calendar.


CWRU postdocs have access to Zoom, the preferred communications platform of the university. Schedule Zoom meetings via Google calendar, log in on your Apple or Android device, host webinars/meetings, record meetings, and much more!


Postdocs have access to Box, which is a secure storage service used to store, access, and share files. There is a 1TB storage limit. 


CWRU postdocs have access to setting up their own retirement plans with TIAA-Cref or Vanguard (with no fees) and can meet with representatives on campus. 

* CWRU Postdocs are only able to set up an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), not a 403b account. 

More information and a schedule of when the TIAA-Cref and Vanguard reps are on campus is published on the Human Resources website.

University Technology (UTech)

24/7 Technical Support via phone, email, or chat

Software Center - Wide variety of software to download for free or at a reduced price. 

CARE Center - Offering in-person technical support to members of the university community. Visitors may ask questions, receive consultation or check-in machines for repair by our on-site team.


Think[box] is a world class innovation center, maker-space, and entrepreneurship center. 3D printing, electronics, metal shop, materials and supplies, training, laser cutters, laser cutters, wood shop, machining services, paint booth, photography equipment, sewing machines. 

Physical Resource Center (Food Pantry)

The Physical Resource Center is a food pantry open to all students, staff, faculty, and postdocs.

Financial Wellness Series Videos

These videos are part of an ongoing series for Staff and the series includes videos on investing, budgeting, retirement, credit scores, credit cards, insurance, estate planning, and more! Check out the recorded videos here. (Postdocs are not able to register for the Financial Wellness course as it is just part of Staff benefits)

Cell Phone Discounts

AT&T and Verizon offer discounts for CWRU employees; simply contact the company and inform them you work at Case Western Reserve University. They may require you use your email address to sign up. 

Rental Car Discounts and Car Share

Enterprise and National Car Rental offer discounts for business or personal travel. Please email for the access code or for questions or additional information.

The CarShare program at CWRU has been reintroduced after being one of the most successful university programs in the country! Two hybrid Toyota Prius sedans are available for member rental in addition to a hybrid Chrysler Pacifica minivan and a hybrid Toyota RAV4 SUV. Program membership provides a practical transportation option to students and employees who may need a rental car for as little as a few hours as well as others who need multi-day rentals. Find the rates, requirements, and fees here

Airport Parking

See available airport parking discounts for Cleveland Hopkins Airport.

Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets

Available through CWRU Access Services, use the access code: CWRU

Once you select the game of your choice at the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, please click the "Use Access Code" button to enter your code listed above to proceed with your purchase and receive your special offer pricing.

Movie Ticket Discounts

Discounted movie voucher tickets are available through CWRU Access Services to purchase in-person during business hours. 

Playhouse Square

Available through CWRU Access Services, use promo code: CWRU

The Playhouse Square Corporate Exclusive Online ticketing Discount System was designed to give you and your co-workers the exclusive convenience of purchasing show tickets online and at a special discount. Just click on the link above and enter CWRU in the "Have a Promo Code?" box.

Student Loan Deferment

Some student loans from U.S. lending institutions may be eligible for payment deferral during your postdoctoral training. During deferment, you do not need to make payments, but interest may still accrue. Deferment decisions are made by the loan agency and not by CWRU. If your lending institution offers deferments, please request a deferment form.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness program forgives the remaining balance on your Direct Loan after you've made the equivalent of 120 qualifying monthly payments while working full time for a qualifying not-for-profit organization. Working as a postdoc at CWRU qualifies under this type of employment.