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Degrees designed to meet your goals.

Deciding what to major in as an undergrad? Considering earning a graduate degree to advance your career? At Case Western Reserve University, the academic degrees we offer are as unique as the students who pursue them. Explore our hundreds of top-ranked undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs to determine the next step in your academic journey.

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Enhance your critical-thinking, quantitative-analysis and decision-making skills as you prepare for a career as a CPA—or any number of opportunities.

Business / Management

Gain competency in all facets of business and use it to make a difference in society. Hone your skills in leadership, assessing business risk, strategic planning and more.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Drive better business results by honing the essential skills for improving financial performance, strategic management, and operational efficiency through our master's program.

Business Information Technology

Gain competence in programming for business applications, as well as a deeper understanding of select business processes and related information systems.


Through our personalized program, you'll learn how public policy and market forces interact to affect your future profession and the world.

Engineering and Management

Interested in developing skills in business, technology management, or entrepreneurship? Apply your technical and analytical knowledge with master’s-level management tools in our one-year program.

  • Full-Time


From launching a startup to running your own business, our curriculum will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive as an entrepreneurial leader.


As a finance student, you'll not only learn about key management principles but also financial markets, valuation, modeling and other quantitative skills.

International Business

Strengthen your global competencies and your understanding of foreign culture and business.

Leadership and Change Management

Deepen your understanding of leadership and organizational behavior to help manage change at the individual, team, organizational and societal levels.


Build a solid business background and develop skills in marketing strategy, brand management and more to prepare for a career in marketing and sales.

Organizational Behavior

Strengthen your approach to helping businesses operate more effectively. Influence positive change personally and professionally in organizational settings.

Supply Chain Management

In our program—the first in the U.S.—you’ll study production, transportation, distribution and other logistics companies use to meet customer demands.