MBAMBA/Master of Science in Medical Physiology

Strengthen your influence in the healthcare sector by earning dual Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Medical Physiology degrees at Case Western Reserve, one of the top universities in Ohio. 

While a hospital is a place that administers care, at its core, it is a company. Whether you decide to follow a clinical or administrative route, Weatherhead School of Management and CWRU School of Medicine's degrees will teach you to speak management's language and communicate with clinical (and non-clinical) colleagues.

Why Pair Your Medical Physiology Degree with an MBA?

By understanding the business and healthcare provider sides of hospitals, you'll stand apart from your peers as a practitioner able to better adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment while contributing to positive, sustainable change in your organization.

And our two-year degree program will unlock more professional options, allowing you to apply for positions in diverse career settings such as hospital administration and operations, healthcare consultation and pharmaceutical project management. Or, if you intend to advance your education in medical, osteopathic, or dental school, this dual degree will improve your chance of admission.

MS-Medical Physiology/MBA at a Glance

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medical school for research (U.S. News & World Report, 2022)
Top 15
Most Innovative MBA Programs (Inc, 2015)

The Weatherhead Way

The Weatherhead culture is all about collaboration. 80% or more of assignments and tasks are completed in groups to simulate business in the "real world." And, our classes are strongly conversation-driven with lots of encouragement to participate and voice opinions.

This is a key advantage for those in medical physiology who will inevitably need to work in teams throughout their careers.

Your Classes 

​​Earn your MBA and MS-Medical Physiology degrees with just 71 credit hours, saving yourself time and money. Taking the dual-degree program saves you 19 hours of coursework you would be required to complete if you obtained both degrees separately.

Looking for specific information about coursework? See the General Bulletin

Transitioning Schools

Switching from a lab coat to a business suit can seem intimidating, and as a medical student, you might feel apprehensive about whether you will fit in. As Weatherhead School students come from different backgrounds, experience levels, and industries, everyone is acclimating to the program. 

Business students at the Weatherhead School are just like you—ambitious and dedicated students who also like to have fun. Students who join the program from the School of Medicine do not feel like outsiders but find themselves among peers.

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