Full-Time MBAAdmission Information

Interested in pursuing your full-time MBA at Case Western Reserve University? We’re interested in having you here. 

At Weatherhead School of Management, we are committed to recruiting a community of students with diverse perspectives and a range of educational, professional and life experiences—because we know this, along with demonstrated student excellence, is what enriches dialogue and teamwork in the classroom and leads to meaningful results from your program. 

In short: We look for applicants who are both interested and interesting.

Think you fit the bill? Find out how you can pursue your MBA full time at Case Western Reserve.

How to Apply

To apply to the full-time MBA program at Case Western Reserve University, you’ll need to follow these five steps:

  1. Create an account or log in to our application system using your username and password to continue your application.
  2. Complete all required questions—including a 500-word (maximum) essay—to help us get a better understanding of you as a candidate.
  3. Upload the required documents. During the admissions review process, we accept both unofficial documents uploaded to your application or official documents sent to us in official routes. (If you are admitted and choose to matriculate, we’ll need the official documents then, and we’ll send you further instructions).
  4. When your application is finished, click “submit” to pay your non-refundable $100 application fee.
    1. Note: After clicking “submit,” you will not be able to make any changes to your application form, resume or essays, but you will be able to log back in later to upload transcripts and test scores. All required documents must be submitted in order to be considered.
  5. Complete your interview, if offered the opportunity.

Note: Any application that remains incomplete at the end of the admissions period will be withdrawn.

What You Need to Apply

To apply to the full-time MBA program at Case Western Reserve University, you’ll need to submit a variety of information and documents through our online application system.

In Weatherhead School’s Full-Time MBA application, we capture your personal, contact, demographic, education and employment information—key elements that will help us get to know you as a candidate.

As part of the application process, you’ll also need to submit a resume, an essay, contact information for your two recommenders (see instructions below under “Letters of Recommendation”) and a $100 non-refundable application fee. 

You can complete the online application in one sitting or across multiple; the system will automatically save your progress and you can return when you’re ready to continue and submit.

Please note: Once you submit your application, we can’t change information in the online form, but you may choose to add supporting materials—such as transcripts and test score reports—at a later date.

To help us better understand you as a candidate—beyond your transcripts, recommendation letters and resume—you’ll need to upload a 500-word (maximum), double-spaced essay describing your motivation for pursuing an MBA. Suggested points may include:

  • How has your academic, professional and personal trajectory prepared you to enter an MBA program?
  • How does an MBA fit with your short- and long-term career goals?
  • How do you see yourself contributing to the fabric of the Weatherhead School culture and community?
  • If your undergraduate major falls outside of management, please explain how you became interested in graduate business education at this time in your life.
  • Any concerns you may have about your profile or candidacy that will help us determine your ability to meet the rigor of the program and achieve your intended goals.

Your resume, which is required as part of the application process, should include all work experience, including—for early career applicants—part-time employment, internships and co-op employment.

You’ll need to submit unofficial transcripts from all post-secondary education (undergraduate or graduate schools) where you have earned a degree. If you received any transfer credit from another university, you also will need to submit separate transcripts from that institution. Please upload your transcripts in the “Academic History” section of the online application.

Your unofficial transcripts must state your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) or total average score on any numeric scale and include the grading scale.

You only need to submit unofficial transcripts for us to review your application. However, we accept both unofficial documents uploaded to your application or official documents sent to us in official routes. You do not need to provide official documents unless you are admitted and decide to enroll at Case Western Reserve. If you accept our offer, you will be required to submit your official final transcripts; we will provide additional instructions at that point. Official transcripts must state the degree is conferred, or you must also submit an official degree certificate from your school stating the above information. 

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) exams or Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) are required for admission. Applicants choosing to submit test scores must submit (upload) either an unofficial or official exam in the “Standardized Test Reporting” section. We do not have a minimum test score requirement but please visit the class profile page to see the average test scores for the current class in this program.

We only require unofficial exams during the admissions review process. If you are admitted and decide to enroll, you will be required to submit official documents then. Further instructions will be sent by email.

Do not upload your exam or enter your test results unless you are satisfied with your current scores since you will not be able to change this after you submit your application. If you plan to retake the test in hopes of improving your scores, please wait to upload your final exam. If you do upload a GMAT or GRE and ask us to change it later, your admission decision will be delayed. New or updated test scores will not be accepted after an application has been marked complete.

  • GMAT Code: WTJ-F1-17
  • GRE Code: 1105.

Submission of standardized test scores can enhance your consideration for admission and for an academic merit scholarship. However, you may request to be considered for a GMAT or GRE submission waiver. Waivers may be granted based upon a variety of factors including but not limited to undergraduate/graduate degree, GPA, individual coursework, work experience, and/or US military experience that demonstrates a high level of achievement and readiness for our graduate program.

While we may grant a waiver, please be aware that some employers will require you to provide a GMAT or GRE during their application process. As a result we strongly recommend you take the GMAT or GRE to keep your options open especially if you are considering consulting or investment banking careers.

Waiver decisions are at the discretion of the admissions office and will be determined by review of the accompanying transcripts, resume/CV or other supplemental materials upon application submission. Review of submitted materials may take five to 10 business days.

Please refer to the information below on how to be considered for a test submission waiver:

  • Within the “Standardized Test Reporting” section of the application, indicate in the drop down list “I believe I qualify for a waiver” and follow the prompts. 
  • Upon receiving your request to be considered for a test waiver, the operations team will conduct a complete and holistic review of your application materials.
  • If you are granted a test waiver, your application checklist will be updated and the admission and merit scholarship decisions will be reliant on all other materials submitted.  A test waiver does not guarantee that you will be admitted.
  • If you are not granted a waiver, you will be notified a test score is required for admission.

As part of submitting your application, you’ll be required to enter the names, relationship and contact information of two recommenders. We reserve the right to contact your recommenders directly if we need more information about you as a candidate for this program.

Applicants are prompted to pay a non-refundable $100 fee when they submit their application. 

Additional Requirements for International Students

If you have earned (or will earn) a degree outside of the United States, you must submit a transcript evaluation from  World Education Services (WES) or Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) or SpanTran or receive a transcript evaluation waiver.

A transcript evaluation is helpful because:

  • Evaluated GPAs tend to be higher than those stated on many international transcripts.
  • If you are an international student, it confirms that your degree is the equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree in the United States.
  • You can choose to send electronic copies to more than one school.

However, you can receive a waiver if:

  • Your transcripts state your cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) and associated grading scale, or total average score on any numeric scale;
  • You submit an official GPA certificate from your university stating your cumulative GPA or total average score on any numeric scale (examples: 88/100, 3.5/4.0, 3.8/5, 7/10) with the grading scale used to calculate your GPA; or
  • You receive approval from the admissions committee for the full-time MBA program.

If you have earned (or will earn) a three-year bachelor’s degree, you may not be eligible for admission unless you can demonstrate that your degree is the equivalent of a four-year bachelor’s degree in the United States. To see if your degree meets our equivalency requirement:

  • Use the free “WES Degree Equivalency tool” on the World Education Services website to see if your degree/ institution is recognized as an equivalent. If your degree is not listed as such, you will need a transcript evaluation before we can determine your eligibility.
  • If the tool says your degree is recognized as the equivalent of a four-year degree, please take a screenshot and upload this to your application in the Transcripts section. Then you will be granted a waiver for the transcript evaluation.

When ordering your transcript evaluation, you do not have to pay to express mail the report to us. Simply request that a copy be sent electronically to Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University by selecting our school in the dropdown box. We will also accept unofficial or student copies that are uploaded to the application.

Your application will remain incomplete until the WES or ECE evaluation has been received, if required. Offers of admission will not be binding until we have verified your degree.

For more information, contact:

World Education Services Inc.

Educational Credential Evaluators Inc.

The Weatherhead School of Management admissions team reserves the right to require additional verification of transcripts, grading scales or official certificates that are uploaded to your application. If documents are not authentic or inaccurate, we will deny admission.

If your native language is not English, you must submit an English language exam.We accept the unofficial TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo or PTE during the admissions review process.

Waivers are extended to non-native English speaking applicants who meet one of the following criteria (except PhD and MPOD programs; please read the program’s application requirements for specific waiver conditions):

  • Four years of undergraduate/graduate studies (combined) where English is the primary language of instruction. If English is not an official language in your country, the transcript must state that English was the primary language of instruction.
  • Three years of full-time work experience in a country where English is an official language.

Note: Offers of admission are not binding until your official test scores have been verified. Additionally, the preceding waiver policy applies only to master’s programs; for PhD programs, the applicant must meet the requirements of the Office of Graduate Studies and the specific department to which they are applying.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Applications for our next cohort—which classes begin Aug. 26, 2024. Start your application today.

We offer a variety of application deadlines to our full-time MBA program. To receive a decision by one of the notification dates listed, you must submit and complete your application by one of the corresponding application deadlines. The admissions committee will not issue an offer of admission if an application package remains incomplete.

Applicants interested in scholarship consideration (merit based) are encouraged to apply early for optimal scholarship availability.

Fall 2024

Application Deadline

Notification Date

Round 1

November 1, 2023

December 21, 2023

Round 2

January 9, 2024

March 15, 2024

Round 3

March 5, 2024

May 3, 2024

Weatherhead School of Management cannot extend an offer of admission if your application package is incomplete. If an application remains incomplete by the final deadline, Weatherhead reserves the right to withdraw or deny the application.

Meet the Team

Weatherhead School of Management’s Graduate Admissions Office is here to help you through every step of the application process. If you have any questions after perusing the program pages or application instructions, please don't hesitate to reach out to the appropriate admissions contact below: