Exposure Control Plans

The Exposure Control Plan (ECP) is a department or laboratory specific document that outlines the biological hazards CWRU Faculty, Staff, Students and Volunteers may encounter while performing their assigned duties.  

All CWRU laboratories must submit an ECP if any of the following are used or stored in the laboratory:

  • Any bacterium, virus, parasite, prion, fungus, etc.;
  • Material of Human or non-human primate origin including established cell lines;
  • Biological toxins;
  • Recombinant or synthetic nucleic acids that are within organisms, cells or viruses, or are capable of entering cell membranes;
  • transgenic plants or animals;
  • Cells, fluids, tissues, organs, etc., from genetically modified animals or animals exposed to biohazards or bloodborne pathogens;
  • Biologically active nanoparticles.

Any laboratory at CWRU that does not work with biological materials may submit an ECP request for an exemption form.