Respiratory Protection Training

Think Ahead

Preregistration is required for all training. Class sizes are limited. See individual training types for contact and registration information.

Online Training

Online retraining is done through your Canvas dashboard. CaseID and password are required for use with the Canvas system to access online training modules. If you lack an ID and password, call Chemical Safety at 216.368.2907. For Radiation and Laser Training, call Radiation Safety at 216.368.2906.

Please note: For additional information and regulatory references, check Food & Beverage in the Laboratory.

This training will allow respirator users to understand: 

  • The different types of respiratory protection;
  • Where and when respirators are used; 
  • What requirements must be met in order to wear one;
  • Limitations of your respirator;
  • How to properly put on and take of the respirator; and 
  • How to maintain the respirator.

Who Should Train?

Respirator training, medical clearance, and a fit test are required for any employee or student who must wear a respirator during the course of their employment/study. This includes medical students applying for an away rotation. For full-face and half-face cartridge respirator use, call Environmental Health and Safety at 216.368.2907.


You must first obtain medical approval to wear a respirator from CWRU Health Services. To be approved, print the OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire, fill it out and submit it to CWRU Health Services (located in the Health Service building at 2145 Adelbert Road). Approval may take 1 to 2 weeks so complete this step as soon as possible to insure that you are approved before the training and fit-testing.  Those who have been not been medically approved by Heath Services prior to attending training will have to reschedule training and fit-testing.


After obtaining this approval, you may register for an in-person training session. Preregistration is required for all training. Class sizes are limited, so make sure to sign up as soon as you are approved.

Register online for an upcoming Respiratory Protection Training Course. Respirator training classes are available the first Monday and third Thursday of every month. Call 216.368.2907 to verify next class. You are automatically enrolled for a fit test when you register for training.

Fit Test

Fit tests are performed immediately after the training session for those who are medically cleared for respirator use. You are automatically enrolled for a fit test when you register for training. EHS can provide the 3M N-95 models 8210, 1860, and 1860s.  Users will have to bring their own mask in, if they wish to wear a different model.  Cartridge style respirators will not be provided.

Fit-tests will not be performed on individuals who are not clean shaven in the area of the respirator seal. Anyone with facial hair in the area of the respirator seal may attend training, but will have reschedule a time to come back for fit-testing when they are clean shaven.

Attention Medical Students: Contact your chosen rotation facility to obtain the type of respirator that will be available to you (e.g. 3M 1860). All medical students are responsible for obtaining a respirator for the fit test. U.S. Safety Gear has select respirators, free of charge, for CWRU medical students.