November Meeting Center Usage Guidelines

Event Reservations: Monday - Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (No Sunday events)

Recognized Case Western University groups, educational groups, and non-profit groups may use the November Meeting Center (NMC) previously known as the Sheep Barn. A limited number of open dates (5 per year) are available to host a private (non wedding) event by a current CWRU student, staff, faculty or alum sponsor.

Please email the Farm office at or call 216.368.0274 for current usage fees.

  1. After event date is confirmed by Farm Administration (email notification), reservation will be finalized after an authorized member of the event group signs a temporary license to use premises form and reservation confirmation statement for the use of the NMC. This statement indicates that he/she will see that the group follows the rules governing the NMC and that payment will be made as agreed and stated on reservation confirmation. This statement will be kept on file in the University Farm Administrator office. For more information, see CWRU's official Guidelines for the Use of University Facilities by Individuals and External Groups.
  2. A Case undergraduate student group must have a sponsor, such as a faculty member or other CWRU Admin advisor. This person need not accompany the group, but he/she must agree to be responsible for the group and sign a sponsor's agreement form.
  3. Student groups can use facility at no cost as follows: Student group contact must submit online reservation request form (not faculty or staff), event is organized by student group and is for and attend by students (not faculty, staff or other outside non-CWRU group).
  4. Student groups with 80 or more attendees must secure a CWRU security officer to be in attendance during entire event.
  5. The maximum size of the group using the NMC is 120 people.
  6. Usage Fee will be charged to CWRU Departments and affiliated non-profit groups for educational event reservations.
  7. All alcohol must be served by a CWRU-approved caterer at designated stations. No self-serve or BYOB permitted. Please see Farm Alcohol Policy for full list of guidelines.
  8. The NMC is equipped with a 911 emergency phone located in the lobby area.
  9. A limited cooking facility is available. No cooking or eating utensils are provided. Events involving food must be catered or previously prepared.
  10. Leftover food must be disposed of properly and not left in the refrigerator.
  11. The NMC is not a picnic facility. No grills are available or outside portable grills permitted.
  12. Garbage and trash must be placed in the trash cans located in the kitchen. Please do not place trash outside.
  13. Do not throw water on burning logs in the fireplace. Make sure that the screen covers the opening and the fire will go out by itself.
  14. Groups using the NMC are subject to general farm policies and guidelines.
  15. Based on the University calendar, certain dates are considered unavailable for use of the Manor House. Those dates are as follows: 1) New Year's Eve, 2) Any Scheduled University Holiday, 3) Any day that immediately precedes or follows a scheduled University Holiday.
  16. Upon request at least 5 business days prior to event, a lectern, portable screen, and flip chart can be reserved for use.
  17. Audio/visual equipment: Sound System (lapel, wireless and wired mic available) $100, and LCD projector $100, based on availability, can be reserved for an additional fee. Equipment must be reserved at least 5 business days prior to event date.
  18. No tape or any other glue-like material is permitted on the inside walls.
  19. NO PETS are allowed inside the NMC.
  20. All tobacco products are prohibited on CWRU indoor and outdoor property. See University Tobacco-Free Policy for full details and definitions.