Get to Know Dr. Daniel Rosiak, CWRU's First Postdoctoral Scholar in Ethics and AI/Emerging Technology

In a feature article in today's issue of The Daily, Daniel Rosiak was introduced as "CWRU's First Postdoctoral Scholar in Ethics and AI/Emerging Technology." He joined the Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence in the Spring of 2021.

Bringing with him a multi-disciplinary background in ethics, mathematics and AI framework, a key focus will be on working with community partners and researchers to ensure that ethics and human interest are top of mind when pursuing and advancing emerging technology. The article quotes ISSACS Faculty Associate Shannon French (Inamori Professor in Ethics and Director of the Inamori Center),  who said, “A major goal of the Inamori Center is to help ensure that all of these projects acknowledge and engage with the ethical dimensions of the work.”

The article also describes the Philosophy course he will teach next semester, called Ethics of AI.

To learn more about Dr. Rosiak professionally and personally, be sure to read the full article.