DPD Curriculum

The DPD Program may be completed concurrently with any degree program in the Nutrition Department.

Required DPD Courses*:

Course Number Course Description Credits

NTRN 201



    OR Nutrition for Community and Healthcare Professionals

NTRN 337/437 Nutrition Communication, Counseling and Behavior Change Strategies 3
NTRN 342 Food Science 3
NTRN 342L Food Science Lab 2
NTRN 343 Dietary Patterns 3
NTRN 351/451 Food Service Systems Management 3

NTRN 363

OR NTRN 433*

Human Nutrition I: Energy, Protein, Minerals or

    OR Advanced Human Nutrition I


NTRN 364

OR NTRN 434*

Human Nutrition II: Vitamins or

    OR Advanced Human Nutrition II

NTRN 365 Nutrition for the Prevention and Management of Disease: Pathophysiology 4
NTRN 550A Advanced Community Nutrition 3
  Nutrition Electives (2)** 6

BIOC 307/407


Introduction to Biochemistry: From Molecules To Medical Science

    OR Principles of Biochemistry: An Introduction to the Molecules of Life


BIOL 216

OR BIOL 340 & 346

Development and Physiology

    OR Human Physiology & Human Anatomy

BIOL 343/443 Microbiology 3
CHEM 223 Introductory Organic Chemistry I 3
ENGL 150 Expository Writing (or Sages Writing Portfolio) 3
SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology 3

One of the Following:

Course Number Course Description Credits
ANTH 215 Health, Culture, and Disease: An Introduction to Medical Anthropology 3
SOCI 311 Health, Illness, and Social Behavior 3

One of the Following:

Course Number Course Description Credits
ANTH 319 Introduction to Statistical Analysis in the Social Sciences 3
PQHS 431 Statistical Methods 3
PSCL 282 Quantitative Methods in Psychology 3
STAT 201 Basic Statistics for Social and Life Sciences 3
STAT 243 Statistical Theory with Application I  3
STAT 312 Basic Statistics for Engineering and Science
STAT 313 Statistics for Experimenters 3


Total Units: 60-62

*Master's students are required to take NTRN 433 and NTRN 434 as part of the graduate degree requirements.

**Undergraduate students = Two 3-credit 300-level + NTRN Dept. courses; Master’s students = Two 3-credit 400-level+ NTRN Dept. courses; excluding NTRN 341 for both.
    Please refer to “DPD Announcement” sent to Nutrition Students in May 2020 for associated update.

Please direct questions to DPD Director – James Swain, PhD, RDN, LD, FAND (james.swain@case.edu)